Compass Students exists to connect students to the body of Christ, to nurture students in their relationship with Christ, and to equip students to serve in the name of Christ, all by the grace of God and for His glory.


We love Jesus, and we want you to know why. Refuge is the front door to Compass Students, the place where we meet together to hear from God’s Word. This is the door that leads to discussion within smaller groups and the freedom to just hang out and exist within a group of people that make you feel welcome as yourself. You’ll walk away knowing a little more about the Jesus we know and love, with an invitation to go deeper still. 

Sundays @ 6pm

Missional Community

On Wednesday nights, our large group splits into smaller groups. Think of these small groups as the kitchen table in your house. It’s the place where we circle up with a few friends, share a meal, chat about life and Jesus, and even discuss the hard topics and questions that we all seem to face.

Wednesdays @ 6pm

Interested in Serving?

We would love for you to be a part of our student ministries. Talk to Chuck to see how you can help serve!

volunteer with our students